Our Story

Stop, Slow down, and smell the coffee. You have entered the world of Soul Bean, created to cultivate an environment of community, sustainability, and connection.

We have an absolute passion for coffee. We roast carefully sourced beans in small batches to ensure a world-class cup, every time. We also have a passion for bringing people together and believe that coffee can be a catalyst for positive change.

– We are committed to developing relationships with growers to insure they are paid fairly, and that growing practices ensure environmental sustainability and social development.

– We practice research and development aimed at creating products and technologies to utilize our industrial waste, namely coffee grounds and discarded beans. Soon you’ll be able to buy our coffee ground facial scrub and candles, and other products made from recycled grounds as well.

– Our vision is to open a coffee shop that will nurture emotionally transformative expression through community events, workshops, yoga, and of course, great coffee.

When you buy our coffee you are supporting origin trips that identify community partners, waste recycling product development, and the creation of a Soul Bean shop. So join the Soul Bean consciousness and help us do good through coffee from farm to cup!